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INSPIRE Volunteers

Are you local to Salisbury? Could you spare a few hours volunteering for INSPIRE? 

We are always on the look out for new volunteers, without whom our events would not function.  Whatever your age or experience, if you have any spare time on an occasional basis, we’d love to hear from you.

Director Rory Steevenson with volunteer Mrs Mo Crossman, Stockbridge Fun Run


              • Join us for fundraising at the Races
              • Help run the Market stall
              • Sell raffle tickets at the Polo
              • Assist at our Autumn Supper
              • Sell Christmas cards at Southons
              • Fly the flag at any of our Events

In particular we are seeking someone who would be prepared to assist with manual work e.g. loading/unloading/driving the van.




If you are interested, please call or email Helen: 01722 425098 email:  This link to our events page will keep you up to date with all our future events.