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Donating to The INSPIRE Foundation

Can you help?  Research into SCI is a very expensive business and we need all the help we can get.

Where does the money go? There is no way of disguising that our research programme costs a great deal of money; we are currently spending approximately £1.4 million on eight projects. They range in cost from £40,000 up to £240,000. To help raise funds, we run several activities which are usually well supported by guests and visitors who are keen to support us.  Meanwhile, the majority of our income is thanks to the generosity of the many Grant Making Trusts which we approach.  After detailed research, we are able to apply for funding within given parameters, so long as our appeals conform to the terms stipulated by each Trust.

We also receive monthly contributions to INSPIRE, as well as generous one-off gifts from friends and supporters, all of which is hugely appreciated and very welcome.

Why do we need more?  The more money we have, the more research we can fund and the better the quality of our projects, the more money we can raise!  It really is a chicken and egg situation.  In addition, unlike other much bigger medical research charities, we do not qualify for Government or NHS funding so our programme is totally dependent on our own fundraising initiatives. If you are in a position to donate personally or you represent an organisation or Trust, please bear in mind that the research we undertake is dependent on donations like yours.  Thank you.


Ways to donate…

The easiest and quickest way is online - click the 'donate' button below to pay either using a Paypal account or by card:

Alternatively you can donate via:

  • BACS (bank transfer):  Please use these bank details to make a transfer.
  • Post: Write a cheque payable to `The INSPIRE Foundation’ and post it to: INSPIRE, Spinal Treatment Centre, Salisbury District Hospital, SP2 8BJ
  • Debit Card: Instead of paying online with your card you can call the office on 01722 425098 to pay over the phone.
  • Online: Donate online via our page at

Gift Aid Declaration Please remember, if you are a UK tax payer and wish to make a donation, please complete a gift aid form which allows The INSPIRE Foundation the benefits of tax relief.  NB: if you pay online via Paypal or Justgiving you will be given the option to gift aid.

  • Legacies: If you wish to know more about Legacies, that is to say leaving money to the INSPIRE Foundation in your will, so that we might benefit after your death, please see Legacy