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Options for Donating to the INSPIRE Foundation

Can you help?  Research into SCI is a very expensive business and we need all the help we can get.

Where does the money go? There is no way of disguising that our research programme is expensive; we are currently spending in excess of £1.1 million on seven projects. They range in cost from £40,000 up to £240,000. We run several activities to raise awareness and are usually well supported by guests and visitors who are keen to do their bit. However, the majority of income comes from our approaches to Grant Making Trusts. We are able to apply for funding within given parameters so long as our needs conform to the terms stipulated by each Trust.

Why do we need more? In short, the more money we have, the more research we can undertake – conversely the better the quality of our projects, the more money we can raise! It really is a chicken and egg situation and as there is no Government funding available, our programme is totally dependent on our own fundraising initiatives. If you are in a position to donate personally or you represent an organisation or Trust, please bear in mind that your donation is extremely important to our research programme.

Mr Douglas Hamilton (right) Director of the RS MacDonald Charitable Trust, Edinburgh presents a cheque for £16,048 to Dr Aleksandra Vuckovic and Mr Manaf Khadam Hussein al Taleb who are running Project BRAIN TRAIN at the University of Glasgow


READY TO DONATE?  You can consider your options first and then:  Make a Donation

  • GIVE NOW.  Whatever the size of your donation your money will be put to good use.
  • GIVE EVEN MORE WITH GIFT AID.  If you are a UK tax payer you can increase the value of your donation (at no additional cost to you) by using the Gift Aid declaration. This means Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs pay back to us the tax portion of your donation.
  • GIVE DISCREETLY.  We will assure you of anonymity if that is your wish.
  • GIVE LATER. If you wish to know more about Legacies, that is to say leaving money to the INSPIRE Foundation in your will, so that we might benefit after your death, please click Legacy