Your legacy can help INSPIRE fight the effects of spinal cord injury

The INSPIRE Foundation needs your help..

Research and development is an expensive business easily running into tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds and INSPIRE relies entirely on voluntary donations.  What makes our purpose all the more important is that we receive no Government funding!

If you have the means, we ask you consider a bequest to the INSPIRE Foundation.  Whatever the size of your donation, rest assured it will be used to meet our objective and potentially change the lives of so many living with SCI.

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Why should you make a Will?

For peace of mind. If you wish to ensure that those you love will be cared for in the way YOU want, making a will is essential. By making a Will your wishes will ensure that your property, money and possessions are passed on to those you care for.  It is a sad fact of life that 70% of people overlook the need to plan ahead in this way.  Without a Will, your wishes may never be identified or realised.  In extremis it may be left to a court to decide how to distribute your estate and this undoubtedly may not conform to you wishes.

Making a will is easy and it will save much pain and heartache at a later date.  At your behest, it can always be changed.  You can help others and save tax – by including a Legacy to a charity such as The INSPIRE Foundation.  Your bequest would help INSPIRE in its determination to fight the effects of spinal cord injury.

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If you wish to discuss your options with the INSPIRE Foundation, please call us: 01722 425098

Or write to us at:
The INSPIRE Foundation
Spinal Treatment Centre
Salisbury District Hospital


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