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Why we started..

Unlike other much bigger medical research areas (eg cancer, heart and stroke),  our scale remains relatively small and as such, there is still no dedicated Government or NHS funding for research into Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).

Back in 1985,  a group of ‘in-patients’ undergoing SCI rehabilitation at Odstock (now Salisbury District) Hospital, identified the need to raise awareness and funds for research.  Their focus was not on ‘the repair of damaged spinal nerves’ sometimes known as ‘the cure’ but rather on practical solutions to everyday problems experienced by people like them! The Integrated Spinal Rehabilitation (INSPIRE) Foundation was born.  For more than 35 years, Trustees, including the late Life Patron David McCreath combined their considerable personal experience of SCI into the development of our National Research Programme.

An over view of our journey is included in our up to date Charity Information Note

Objective.  Although modified over the years, the charity’s aim remains unchanged and our objective registered with the Charity Commission is:

‘To promote research into the development of practical systems for people with damage to
the spinal cord by the use of the latest advances in electronic, mechanical and medical technology’

Strapline.  Slightly less formally, our aim is:

‘Researching independence, quality of life and dignity after spinal cord injury’

National Focus.  While raised in Salisbury, our area of operation is now national and we endeavour to reach out to the 50,000 people living with SCI throughout the British Isles from Cornwall to Ayrshire and Belfast to Lowestoft.  Elsewhere in this website,  we explain how our scientists range from Aberdeen to Bournemouth,  our projects are similarly dispersed throughout Scotland and England and our recent publicity events include Hampshire, London, Glasgow and the Channel Islands.


How we operate..

There are three key factors to our operation:

  • Fundraising & Awareness
  • Identifying research projects
  • Allocation of funds

Fundraising Public awareness and fundraising are constant factors and take many forms. In short,  without funds we have no way of meeting our objective.

Research Projects: Any scientist may approach us with a proposed research project. Our Research Strategy gives clear guidelines. All projects are scrutinised by our National Scientific Committee in their biannual meetings.

  • Allocation of Funds: Successful projects are then considered by our Board of Trustees  who also meet formally twice each year.


How you can help..

There are three areas where we need help:

1. Donations: We are dependent on donations from:

  • Grant making Trusts. If you represent a GMT we would like to hear from you.
  • Individual Donations. We welcome donations from any individuals able bodied or SCI.
  • Legacies. Your bequest could make a real difference.

2. Fundraising Events. If you have any spare time, you could always come and support or help organise one of our Fundraising Events

3. Spinal Cord Injured Volunteers. SCI Volunteers are urgently needed to help with our research projects. By becoming a Member, you could soon be working with likeminded individuals and your participation could soon help make a real difference! Tel: 01722 425098.

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