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INSPIRE Foundation Safeguarding Policy

The INSPIRE Foundation is a charity which recognises the need to safeguard all interested parties with whom it comes into contact. These include Principal Investigators and other beneficiaries participating in research projects, members of the governing bodies (Patrons, Trustees and members of the National Scientific Committee) and any volunteers helping either with research projects or fundraising events.

It is a condition of our national research programme,  that INSPIRE funded project teams have a sponsor in place as defined by the Department of Health’s Research Governance which includes safeguarding and care of vulnerable patients.

The charity will protect any such individual through its Disputes Policy, as laid out at Paragraph 11 of the Constitution.*

*Revised November 2016 and Approved by Charity Commission 23rd April 2017. Amended by Charity Commission 8th November 2018 Ref No 3985 and Approved by OSCR Scotland 23rd November 2018 No SCO48863