Introduction. Our members come from every backgrounds and there are no criteria for joining.  One thing they all have in common is an interest, often though personal experience of Spinal Cord Injury.  This has proved to be a catalyst for an interaction of ideas and debate which members and their families have found particularly useful, especially during rehabilitation.  Please feel free to explore this website and find out more.  When you are ready,  call or e mail us and be assured of a warm welcome as Member of the INSPIRE Foundation.





WELCOME:  The INSPIRE Foundation welcomes all new members.  Whether you are yourself Spinal Cord Injured (SCI), a carer or family member of someone living with SCI or an interested party who wishes to help the wider SCI community, we are delighted to have your support, engage with you and share our combined experience.

‘To promote research into the development of practical systems for people with damage to the
spinal cord by the use of the latest advances in electronic, mechanical and medical technology.’

BENEFITS:  INSPIRE Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • A wide network of kindred spirits interested in SCI
  • Automatic invitation to the AGM
  • Opportunity to vote on any AGM business
  • Possibility of becoming involved in SCI Research projects
  • Right to post agenda items at the Trustees Meetings
  • Right to post agenda items at INSPIRE’s National Scientific Committee
  • The INSPIRE – Biannual Newsletter (available on line or hard copy)
  • Members’ rates (as advertised) for INSPIRE Foundation Events
  • Reduced rates for INSPIRE Foundation merchandise

SIGN UP NOW.  With effect from the AGM 2016, membership is free!  We do however encourage new and existing members to make donations when they renew their subscriptions or at any time (eg when ordering Christmas Cards).  Please fill in a Membership Form and if you choose, send with a donation to:

The INSPIRE Foundation, Spinal Treatment Centre,  Salisbury District Hospital, SP2 8BJ

Phone: 01722 336262 Ext 2465
e mail: