AGM Notification

AGM 2020
Covid-19 prevents us convening an AGM, so this year only, we are making alternative arrangements.   Our Constitution (paragraph 5.1) requires us to provide members with the opportunity of voting on charity issues.  However, we are also determined not to waste time, effort and money sending documents to members who do not wish to receive them.  If you are interested in reading and voting on the following topics, please notify the office in writing by no later than Monday 30th November 2020.  They will then be despatched to you by post.

Minutes of the previous Meeting (14th November 2019)
Director’s Report
Financial Report (for the year ended 30th April 2020)
Scientific Report
Election of Auditors
Any other business (please include any items you wish to add)

Alternatively, the much cheaper and our preferred option is to email these documents which means all AGM business is conducted online and is FREE!  Please send your preferred email address to: