National Scientific Committee becomes even more international!

INSPIRE’s progress and in particular its evolving research programme is being noticed in many parts of the country and most recently at Stoke Mandeville, the home of the National Spinal Injuries Centre.  It is also the work place of Mr Maurizio Belci who is a Consultant in Spinal Cord Injuries and the latest scientist to join the National Scientific Committee (NSC).  Mr Belci who hails from Croatia was introduced to INSPIRE by a fellow SCI consultant, Dublin born Mrs Mariel Purcell, who works at the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries in Glasgow.

On being invited to join, Maurizio replied ‘I would be delighted to join your committee. I can see a few familiar faces in your group and would like to take this opportunity of congratulating them all for the great work being done by INSPIRE’.

Mr Belci will attend his first NSC meeting on 10th March 2020 at the Royal Society of Medicine.  Readers will find his abbreviated and very impressive biography read more