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Mr Robert Tylor

In July 1989 Rob Tylor was badly injured in a motorcycle related road traffic accident.  At that time he was aged 23 and succumbed to a complete spinal cord injury at T2. Since then he has spent his life in various SCI related research programmes.  In particular he has been particularly a key figure in the INSPIRE Foundation serving on the User Committee, as a Trustee until 2016 and for many years, as the (now) National Scientific Committee’s (NSC) Lay Member.

Some time ago,  Rob conducted an NHS ethically approved patient survey to facilitate the better understanding of SCI patients’ mobility needs;  he subsequently started a robotic orthosis project with the universities of Portsmouth, Leeds and  Sheffield working closely with the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) and Ottobock (Orthoses).  This ran for almost five years before funding ran out.  He also wrote a paper concerning the practicalities and possible benefits of pre-existing paralysis in prolonged human spaceflight, which he presented to the heads of national space agencies in 2002 at their global conference in Strasbourg.

Rob lives near Romsey in Hampshire convenient for his main interests including fly-fishing, photography, the arts and environmental work.  He is currently involved in renovating his home while planning a new build.  He re-joined the Board of Trustees in October 2022.