National Scientific Committee New Chairman – Prof Laurence Kenney (right) hands over to Prof Nick Donaldson

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National Scientific Committee - New Chairman

On Monday 13 June 2022 at UCL, Prof Laurence Kenney handed over the NSC baton to Prof Nick Donaldson.  For three years Laurence has steered the Committee through a turbulent time during the pandemic and will now focus on his ‘day job’ running the busy Department of Health Sciences Research at the University of Salford.  Meanwhile, after a break of four years, Nick is delighted to re-join the NSC and thanked Laurence for all he had achieved during his time in chair.  Nick remarked that ‘from humble beginnings, INSPIRE’s research programme has grown significantly to nine projects costing £1.4 million and needs careful management and nurturing’.  Along with seeking new innovative projects, he intends that this should be his main effort.  Here is Nick’s most impressive Abbreviated Biography.

A condition of INSPIRE’s membership of the prestigious Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) is that there is a continuous rotation of members,  each being allowed to sit on the NSC for only 5 years at any one stretch.  After an absence of 3 years, members may be elected to re-join.