Mr David Temple

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Mr David Temple* - Bath

David Temple’s promising career in the RAF as an avionics engineer was cut short after a spinal cord injury in 1985 while serving in Hong Kong.  He suffered a dislocation of T7/8 and had luque rods fitted to stabilise his fracture.  Although the initial prognosis was not good, after extensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation at NSIC Stoke Mandeville and RAF Headley Court, he eventually learned to walk again using sticks.  In 1987 he was discharged from the RAF and worked for EMI for 3 years and he then specialised in engineering in avionics, aircraft maintenance, procurement and R & D both for commercial organisations and the MOD.  Now semi-retired, David lives in Bath with his wife and son.  He was elected to INSPIRE’s National Scientific Committee in April 2017 and to the Board of Trustees in October 2019.