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Avon Conquest finds a new home

Some of our readers will be aware that Prof Peter Ellaway’s partner Wendy Alden lost her horse recently and INSPIRE was asked to use its network to try and find a replacement.  We were not sure if this would come to anything but were delighted nonetheless when Frannie and Patron Gillian Matthews rang to say they had a reliable thoroughbred who may be suitable.  Avon Conquest known as Annie from Frannie Matthews Stables near Wincanton was introduced to Wendy on three separate occasions and they readily took to each other;  daughter Belinda Matthews took Wendy on Annie for a couple of local hacks  and it was clear this was a good match.   The deal was sealed,  Annie moved to stables in leafy Surrey  and on account of our small part in this transaction,  Wendy has made a very generous donation to the INSPIRE Foundation by way of a Finder’s Fee.

INSPIRE’s equine interest is due to the propensity of spinal injuries through horse riding accidents and three of our patrons have succumbed to SCI in this way.  Baroness Sue Masham fell at Catterick point to point in 1958 and Gillian Matthews MBE at Larkhill in 1965.  Both went on to become extremely successful British Paralympians.  More recently Patron Freddy Tylicki fell in an horrific three horse pile up at Kempton Park in 2016.

We wish Annie and Wendy well and would always be interested if any other members need to use INSPIRE’s equine matchmaking services!