How We Operate

Registered Charity & Constitution. The INSPIRE Foundation has been a member of the Charity Commission since March 1987 (Registered No. 296284). We are also a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) with certification in 2015 as ‘Best practice in medical and health research peer review’. Our Constitution was updated in 2016 and approved and certified by the Charity Commission on 23rd April 2017. 2016 INSPIRE Foundation Constitution.

Identifying Research. We raise money with which we fund research projects which are uniquely focused on spinal cord injury (SCI). INSPIRE’s National Scientific Committee, drawn from specialists in UK’s best teaching hospitals and universities identifies where it wants to consider further research. Its proposals are then considered by our Board of Trustees who approve the necessary funding. Any research scientist can apply to INSPIRE to carry out a research project, so if you are seeking funding, click Research/Application Process

Trustees’ Endorsement.  Projects are then considered by the Board of Trustees who are regulated by the Charities’ Commission and responsible for controlling the management, administration and financial business of the charity.  Key to their selection, is a thorough understanding of the nature of Spinal Cord Injury and rehabilitation.  Six of the trustees are themselves spinal cord injured and have a wide range of personal experience of Tetraplegia and Paraplegia. In addition the able bodied Trustees are subject matter experts in their own fields and brings their professional experience  to the Board’s decision making process.  All Trustees give their time freely.  Like the Scientists, they take no part in discussions or voting should Conflict of Interests arise.

Focus.  Before their deliberations, Trustees always consider the INSPIRE Foundation’s objective and importantly whether the necessary funds are in place for new projects to commence.  They also consider the views of the User Committee an internal group who informally assess the potential value of future projects.

INSPIRE’s Achievements.  The INSPIRE Foundation has committed over £1.5 million to thirty projects lasting six months to five years.  Some have cost as little as £5,000 and the most expensive hundreds of thousands.  Our USP is that all our research projects are specifically focused towards our own Objective.  The linked schematic shows the sequence of the INSPIRE Review process.

Audited Accounts. Our accounts are audited every year by Fletcher & Partners , Chartered Accountants, Crown Chambers, Bridge Street, Salisbury. Our latest accounts for Year Ended 30 April 2017 are included at: Audited Accounts

How You Can Help

Why not Volunteer?  Key to our work is the need for volunteers to help with our research programme. We would like to hear from you if you are:

  • Spinal Cord Injured
  • Close to someone who is SCI
  • A carer looking after someone with SCI

Wherever you are in UK or abroad and whatever your interest, we are always keen to learn from your experience.  Your ideas could be developed into a vital research project!


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