Dr Sean Doherty trialling iCycle II

4.  Recovery of function through cycling therapy with virtual reality biofeedback in chronic SCI: iCYCLE II

Research Team.  PI: Prof Nick Donaldson, Dr Lynsey Duffell, Prof Jane Burridge, Mr Maurizio Belci

Locations:  Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore & Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Costs shared with IPF/RFU

Duration/Dates/Cost: 24 (+12 months) Nov 2019 – (extended to) mid 2024

INSPIRE project costs:  £118,892



We have shown that FES-cycling with virtual reality leads to neurological recovery in some people with incomplete cord lesions. We will now determine the optimum duration of training for functional recovery. After modifying the current iCYCLE Mark 2 (iCYCLE II) so that it is suitable for use more widely in the NHS and in patients’ own homes, the new version (Mark 3) will be used in a feasibility study. The study will be carried out across two hospitals. Six participants with chronic SCI will be recruited, and will carry out 1-hour of iCYCLE training three times per week, for up to 12 weeks. Measures of neurological and functional recovery will be taken three times at baseline (across 8 weeks), up to three times during the intervention, and twice at follow up (4 and 8 weeks’ post-intervention). These data, and data from interviews and diaries, will inform a Randomised-Controlled Trial.