Conflict of Interest


This policy statement relates to all individuals who are associated with the Inspire Foundation and includes:

  • Patrons
  • The Board of Trustees
  • The National Scientific Committee
  • Miscellaneous committee members
  • Volunteers
  • Staff employees
  • Applicants who have submitted proposals for funding

The reputation enjoyed by AMRC members with the research community and the public is because of their ability to show a transparent system of distribution of funds which is both fair and balanced. It is therefore incumbent the INSPIRE Foundation, being an AMRC member to ensure that the peer review process is free from any undue influences.

Everyone, to whom this policy is directed, must declare an interest if they, as individuals or as a representative of an organisation or group, are likely to gain either financially from their relationship with the INSPIRE Foundation, or would be in a position in which they could influence a judgement which might benefit them.  Such individuals should declare an interest and absent themselves from the Committee’s deliberations. They should not communicate with any member of the Committee before, during or after the discussion or conference relating to the relevant application until they have been formally informed by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Chairman of the relevant committee or the Executive Director of the decision of the Committee. In the case of an applicant, it is possible that an individual who has declared an interest might be invited into the room where their application is being discussed for the sole purpose of answering questions put by members of the Committee who are seeking clarification. After the question and answer period, the individual is to leave the room.

All policy documents, proposals and the identity of external referees must remain confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone outside the Committee.